Premier League Preview- Matchweek 9 (Season 2020-21)

Predictions- Matchweek 9 (Predicted result for each game in Brackets)

Newcastle United v Chelsea- (Newcastle United)
Aston Villa v Brighton and Hove Albion- (Aston Villa)
Tottenham v Manchester City- (Tottenham)
Manchester United v West Brom- (West Brom)
Fulham v Everton- (Fulham)
Sheffield United v West Ham- (Sheffield United)
Leeds United v Arsenal- (Leeds United)
Liverpool v Leicester City- (Leicester City)
Burnley v Crystal Palace- (Burnley)
Wolves v Southampton- (Southampton)

Definite Winner: Fulham v Everton (Fulham)

Toughest game to pick a winner in: Tottenham v Manchester City (Tottenham)

Saturday Night Games (Perth Time)

Newcastle United v Chelsea
This should be an interesting game.
Newcastle United Game Changer: Karl Darlow
Chelsea Game Changer: Ben Chilwell
My Prediction: Newcastle United

Aston Villa v Brighton and Hove Albion
This could be a comfortable win for Aston Villa.
Aston Villa Game Changer: Jack Grealish
Brighton and Hove Albion Game Changer: Adam Lallana
My Prediction: Aston Villa

Sunday Morning Games (Perth Time)

Tottenham v Manchester City
This is 2nd against 10th in this game.
Tottenham Game Changer: Harry Kane
Manchester City Game Changer: Kevin De Bruyne
My Prediction: Manchester City

Manchester United v West Brom
Remarkably, Manchester United sit in 14th place on the Premier League Table, while West Brom are 18th. There may be an upset!
Manchester United Game Changer: Bruno Fernandes
West Brom Game Changer: Sam Johnstone
My Prediction: West Brom

Sunday Night Games (Perth Time)

Fulham v Everton
Everton have lost three in a row; Fulham can make it four!
Fulham Game Changer: Alphonse Areola
Everton Game Changer: Michael Keane
My Prediction: Fulham

Sheffield United v West Ham
This was a tough game to predict a winner in.
Sheffield United Game Changer: David McGoldrick
West Ham Game Changer: Łukasz Fabiański
My Prediction: Sheffield United

Monday Morning Games (Perth Time)

Leeds United v Arsenal
Leeds United sit in 15th, while Arsenal are in 11th place, but Leeds United have played the better football this Premier League Season.
Leeds United Game Changer: Patrick Bamford
Arsenal Game Changer: Bernd Leno
My Prediction: Leeds United

Liverpool v Leicester City
This should be the best game to watch in Matchweek 8; it’s 3rd against 1st on the Premier League Table.
Liverpool Game Changer: Sadio Mane
Leicester City Game Changer: Youri Tielemans
My Prediction: Leicester City

Tuesday Morning Games (Perth Time)

Burnley v Crystal Palace
It’s 19th up against 8th; there may well be an upset in this game.
Burnley Game Changer: Nick Pope
Crystal Palace Game Changer: Wilfried Zaha
My Prediction: Burnley

Wolves v Southampton
This game features 9th against 4th on the Premier League Table.
Wolves Game Changer: Raul Jiminez
Southampton Game Changer: Che Adams
My Prediction: Southampton




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