Premier League Pecking Order – Matchweek 6 (Premier League Season 2020-21)

Premier League Pecking Order- Matchweek 6 (Premier League Season 2020/21- In a Nutshell)

The pecking order is based on the performance of the Premier League teams during Matchweek; in this case, Matchweek 6. It’s not only centred around results. There were 20 teams that played in Matchweek 6. The Premier League Pecking Order starts with the 20th team (worst performed team) on the Pecking Order and the finishes with the 1st team (best performed team) on the Pecking Order.

20- Everton

Everton may sit on top of the Premier League table, but their display against Southampton was unconvincing. They had just two shots on target and struggled to get into a rhythm. For large portions of the game it was one way traffic as Southampton were outstanding in every aspect of the game.

19- Chelsea

Chelsea were fortunate that they had Édouard Mendy as their goalkeeper as he was in my team of the week for Matchweek 6. Without Mendy in the team Chelsea would have lost as he made four saves and was instrumental in them keeping a clean sheet. The only positive for Chelsea to take out of the game was that they had 49.8% possession.

18- Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion would be relieved that they came away from their game against West Bromwich Albion with a point, given they were poor in the 2nd half. The fact that Brighton and Hove Albion had just five shots is a reflection of them being too defensive. They may have taken the lead in the 40th minute, but they weren’t attacking enough, which inevitably led to them conceding an equaliser late in the game.

17- West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion would be regretting the fact that they couldn’t claim three points. They had nine shots to Brighton and Hove Albion’s five. The fact that West Bromwich Albion controlled the game in the 2nd half and the fact that Matthew Ryan, the Brighton and Hove Albion goalkeeper was voted man of the match on the Premier League website means that West Bromwich Albion would be upset with just taking one point from the match.

16- Fulham

Fulham would be extremely disappointed with their display. They controlled possession with 64.2%. Yet, in the final third they weren’t productive as they had just three shots on target to Crystal Palace’s ten shots on target.

15- Leicester City

Leicester City can thank Jamie Vardy for winning the game that they played against Arsenal. He came off the bench and scored the only goal of the game. There were few positives for Leicester City to take out of the game besides the three points. They finished the game with just two shots on target from six shots!

14- Newcastle United

Newcastle United got a point thanks to a late equaliser against Wolves. For much of the game the balance of play was controlled by Wolves as Newcastle United had just 36.6% possession. The fact that Newcastle United had just six shots sums up the fact that they will need to be more attacking if they are to finish in the top half of the Premier League table at Season’s end.

13- West Ham

West Ham would be delighted to take a point from a game in which Manchester City dominated. There weren’t many positives for West Ham to take from the game besides the fact striker Michail Antonio opening the scoring in the 18th minute with a stunning bicycle kick. They may have taken the lead, but they were fortunate to keep the score at 1-all at the full time whistle with Manchester City controlling the game.

12- Wolves

Wolves controlled the game from a possession perspective and they finished with 63.4%. They did show plenty of endeavour to attack as they finished with 16 shots. Despite that fact they only scored one goal and had three shots on target. They would be disappointed that they conceded a late equaliser against Newcastle United with the final score 1-all.

11- Sheffield United

Sheffield United took the lead in a game that the majority of people wouldn’t have predicted them to. They were playing against a formidable opponent, in Liverpool, last Premier League’s Season’s champions. Despite the fact Liverpool had a much stronger team on paper and Sheffield United squandered a 1-nil lead they can hold their heads up high and use the game as a template if they are to avoid relegation at the end of Premier League Season 2020/21.

10- Arsenal

Arsenal played a decent brand of football finishing the game 56.3% possession and having double the amount of shots and shots on target than their opponents, in Leicester City. They lost the game due to a quality player in Jamie Vardy scoring a clinical goal in the 80th minute. At the end of the day Arsenal were punished for not being clinical enough.

9- Tottenham

Tottenham won a game in which they controlled the possession in. They finished the game with 61.7% of the possession and won the game against Burnley 1-all. Burnley may only have one point, but the game plan that they implemented worked as Tottenham had less shots and shots on target than them.

8- Burnley

Burnley played some decent football finishing with more shots on target and shots than Tottenham. Unfortunately, Burnley weren’t clinical enough in the final third. In a game that they lost 1-nil there were positives from them to take out of the game and a sign that they are heading in the right direction from a performance perspective.

7- Liverpool

Liverpool conceded the opening goal of the game due to a goal scored by Sheffield United from the penalty spot in the 13th minute. The fact that Liverpool had 62.2% possession wasn’t entirely reflective of the balance of play, as Sheffield United performed admirably, despite leaving the game empty handed. When all’s said and done Liverpool won the game 2-1, because they were clinical in the final third.

6- Manchester United

Manchester took one point from a game that they could well have taken three points from. They had slightly more possession than Chelsea with 50.2%. Along with that, Manchester United finished with four shots on target from their 14 shots. They did restrict Chelsea to just one shot on target and kept a clean sheet.

5- Aston Villa

Aston Villa put up a fight. They were just beaten by a better team, in Leeds United. Despite the fact they lost the game 3-nil, Aston Villa still managed to have four shots on target and defended doggedly. They came up against possibly the best striker in the Premier League in Matchweek 6, with Patrick Bamford scoring a hat trick.

4- Manchester City

Manchester City may not have claimed all three points in their game against West Ham, but they were the better team. To substantiate that, Manchester City had seven shots on target to West Ham’s two. It wasn’t a surprise that Manchester City had 69.5% possession and controlled the balance of play. It was a missed opportunity for them, as they squandered two points.

3- Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace may have been playing Fulham who sit on the bottom of the Premier League table, but they played a brand of football that would have stood up against any team. Remarkably, they had 35.8% possession and ten shots on target to Fulham’s three. Despite Crystal Palace only winning the game 2-1 the goal Fulham scored was inconsequential as it was scored in the 95th minute.

2- Southampton

Southampton outplayed and tactically were superior to the team on top of the Premier League table as it stands. The fact that Southampton played at an outstanding level is a credit to everyone involved in the club. They were in sync; the game plan was implemented by the players to perfection and they thoroughly deserved their 2-nil win.

1- Leeds United

Leeds played some scintillating football moving the ball forward effortlessly. They controlled the tempo of the game and the balance of play. The brand of football that they played was exquisite. They were only rewarded in a 19 minute period in the 2nd half where striker Patrick Bamford scored a hat trick. It wasn’t only Bamford who was the reason why they won, as they had nine shots on goal and their goalkeeper Illan Meslier made four saves. It’s refreshing to watch the attacking brand of football that Leeds United played.

Premier League Pecking Order- Matchweek 6 (Premier League Season 2020/21- Final Thoughts)

It was an underwhelming Matchweek 6 of the Premier League, which can be substantiated by the Pecking Order. With plenty of unpredictable results though and the fact that there were just 19 goals scored!  That sums up the Matchweek; it was probably the most difficult Matchweek in the Premier League Season 2020/21 to formulate a Pecking Order. There was a mixture of clinical finishing, great goalkeeping, which made it a challenging task to rank the 20 teams based on their performances!


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