Premier League 2019/20- Matchweek 30 Review

Facts and Figures

Goals Scored: 25 goals= 2.5 goals per game.
Clean Sheets: 7 out of 20 teams, which equates to 35% of teams not letting in a goal.
Teams that Scored: 13 teams scored 25 goals, which is an average 1.92 goals per team of the teams that managed to score a goal.
Draws: 3 out of 10, which equates to 30% of the games played the points were shared.
Biggest Margin: Manchester City defeated Burnley 5-nil.
Comeback Wins:  Brighton 2- Arsenal 1 after Arsenal led 1-nil. Aston Villa 1- Chelsea 2, following Aston Villa leading 1-nil.

Saturday Games (My Review)

Norwich City (3) v Southampton (0)- Great to see Danny Ings score his 16th goal of the Season!
Tottenham Hotspur (1) v Manchester United (1)- Marcus Rashford played 90 minutes in the Premier League for the 1st time since Matchweek 21!
Watford (1) v Leicester City (1)- A 1-all stalemate. With both goals for either team coming a quick succession. The 2 goals were scored late in the game.
Brighton (2) v Arsenal (1)- Brighton claimed an upset win after initially trailing 1 goal to nil.

Sunday Games (My Review)

West Ham (0) v Wolverhampton Wanderers (2)- Wolverhampton cruised to a 2-nil win. They had 6 shots on target to West Ham’s 2.
AFC Bournemouth (0) v Crystal Palace (2)- Both teams had 3 shots on target, combined!
Newcastle United (3) v Sheffield United (0)- After defender John Egan was sent off in the 50th minute was the catalyst for the game being one sided. All 3 goals came after the red card.
Aston Villa (1) v Chelsea (2)- Chelsea were given a wake up call as Aston Villa scored the opening goal.

Monday Game (My Review)

Everton (0) v Liverpool (0)- Both teams had 3 shots on target. Liverpool dominated possession with 70.1% of the ball. Everton showed great character to keep their hopes of finishing in the top 10 alive.

Tuesday Game (My Review)

Manchester City (5) v Burnley (0)- It was a one sided contest. Manchester City had 7 shots on target to Burnley’s nil! Manchester City scored 5 goals from their 7 shots on target!


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