My Favourite 10 Carlton Blues Players (AFL Season 2020)

10- Jack Silvagni (Forward Pocket)

Jack Silvagni primarily plays in the forward line. Hopefully, Silvagni plays to an optimum level. He kicked 2 goals in Round 1 of Season 2020 and has the potential to replicate that performance on a regular basis.

9- Patrick Cripps (Midfielder)

Patrick Cripps is Co-Captain of the Carlton team. Cripps is an extremely tough player, his work rate is unrelenting. Cripps is widely respected by everyone, he just needs to keep his feet on the ground.

8- Mitch McGovern (Forward)

Mitch McGovern is a player that has to improve as he is a player with a lot of ability, Unfortunately, McGovern hasn’t reached his potential due to injury issues, but the potential is their.

7- Sam Docherty (Back Pocket)

Sam Docherty is the Co-Captain of the Carlton team for a reason; he is a good person and a quality player. Docherty had an exceptional game in Round 1 of Season 2020, hopefully that wasn’t an aberration, but the start of a trend.

6- Nic Newman (Half Back Flank)

Nic Newman is a player that creates plenty of run off the half back flank. Newman is a player that has the capability of being 1 of Carlton’s most important players.

5- Charlie Curnow (Full Forward)

There’s no doubt that Carlton are a better team with Charlie Curnow in it. Unfortunately, Curnow will be sorely missed in Season 2020 through injury. He has kicked a total of 77 goals in 58 AFL games.

4- Harry McKay (Key Forward)

Harry McKay is a player that Carlton need to be firing on all cylinders so to speak. McKay just needs to get more confident and the goals will come. He only needs a few good games in a row to obtain the belief that he should have in himself.

3- Zac Fisher (Utility)

Zac Fisher is a player that has so much ability; Fisher just needs to fulfill his capability by playing the roles that he gets given in Season 2020.

2- Sam Petresvki-Seton (Utility)

Sam Petrevski-Seton has so much talent it’s scary; whether he fulfills the ability that he has is up to him. Petrevski-Seton is a player that should be given more midfield time.

1- Sam Walsh (Wing)

Sam Walsh is a quality player that will no doubt Captain the club 1 day. Walsh is a player that everyone seems to believe will be a star, coincidentally he won the 2019 AFL Rising Star Award.

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