My Favourite 10 Adelaide Crows Players (AFL Season 2020)

10- Luke Brown (Back Pocket)

Luke Brown is a good player that deserves to play every game of Season 2020 as he is a player that simply tries his best to play his role for the team.

9- Tom Doedee (Key Defender)

Tom Doedee is a player that I believe is extremely underrated and has been rewarded by being added to the Adelaide Crows leadership group.

8- Brad Crouch (Midfielder)

Brad Crouch managed to win the 2019 Adelaide Crows best and fairest, but I want to see him improve on that and get even better in Season 2020.

7- Wayne Milera (Half Back Flanker)

Milera has been rewarded for being such a quality player with plenty with a 5 year contract. It’s a key indicator that he has the potential to become an elite attacking defender.

6- Rory Laird (Back Pocket)

Rory Laird has the capability to provide plenty of run out of defence. Laird has so much ability from an attacking perspective. Laird needs to improve the defensive side of his game if he is to be higher on the list.

5- Matt Crouch (Midfielder)

Matt Crouch is a player that accumulates plenty of the ball. Matt Crouch never stops working at his game; he has a great amount of endeavour and wins plenty of the ball.

4- Brodie Smith (Half Back Flank, Wing)

Brodie Smith has plenty of ability and has been added to the Adelaide Crows leadership group, which is an indicator that he is heading in the right direction. Smith can either play on the wing or a half back flank.

3- Rory Sloane (Captain-Midfielder)

Rory Sloane is a quality midfielder; Sloane will be Captain of the team, which shows how highly he is rated within the club. He is an extremely consistent footballer and a great player at reading the game and never stops trying.

2- Daniel Talia (Full Back)

Daniel Talia is a tough player with the ability of being known as the best full back in the AFL if he focuses 100% and believes in himself.

1- Reilly O’Brien (Ruckman)

Reilly O’Brien is the Adelaide Crows number 1 ruckman and he will benefit from Sam Jacobs being traded to the Greater Western Sydney Giants. O’Brien has the capability to be an elite ruckman as he is a quality ruckman and will embrace shouldering the majority of the ruckwork.


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