My Top 50 Songs to Exercise to (50-41)

50- Grinspoon- No Reason

This song always gets my mood up even when I am feeling down and when I have my challenges. It also happens to be a song by an Australian band so I had to put in the top 50.

49- John Mayer- Waiting On the World to Change

You can’t control everything in he world and that’s what makes this song so good to exercise when listening to it.

48- The Last Goodnight- Pictures of You

This song is really upbeat and brings me a lot of enjoyment when doing my exercise.

47- Coldplay- Paradise

I had to include at least 1 Coldplay song in the top 50; this is a cracking song to exercise to.

46- Sigma- Nobody to Love (Extended Mix)

This is a song that is upbeat and keeps me exercising when I’m fatigued.

45- Calvin Harris- Feel So Close (Radio Edit)

This is a cracking song to listen to when you are tired as it helps you rise above it and keep on with that exercise!

44- Motor Ace- Carry On

Had to have another Australian band in the top 50. What this song means is that can’t change the past and that you need get on with it and use your knocks and adversity as motivation.

43- Augustana- Boston

This is a great song to exercise to when you are slowing down to walking pace; it’s a great song to chill out to.

42- The Verve- Lucky Man

The fact that this song was 42nd on the list shows how many quality songs there are to exercise to. This song makes you appreciate the good things in life like exercise and to keep going.

41- Stereophonics- Dakota

This is an upbeat song that was unlucky not to be higher on the list, but that’s how tough it was to choose the top 50 songs to exercise to.


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