Sport Should Still be the Great ‘Leveller’

Sport Has the Potential to Bring People Together

  • No other activity except perhaps the musical industry has the power to bring people from all walks of life together.
  • Sport can create harmony throughout society.
  • Different cultures are brought together through sport.
  • Sport is often referred to as ‘the great leveller.’
  • The basic principles of sport remain the same; it’s a fun activity.

Sport Needs to Stick to the Basics

  • Sport must bring out the core values that a person should possess.
  • Enjoyment of the activity is paramount.
  • Winning shouldn’t be everything.
  • Sport can’t only be thought of purely as a business.
  • Money shouldn’t be obscene, ie transfers and player earnings in football.
  • Sport should give people that are having a tough time hope and motivation.
  • There should be no person that can’t be a part of the industry from a diversity perspective.

Sport has a lot of Power to Bring Positives to the World

  • Sport should help everyone rise above the hypocrisy, ignorance and injustice within society.
  • Even non sporting fans can be inspired by the underdog winning.
  • It can evoke plenty of hope for people in a tough predicament.
  • Sport has no time for bullying and belittling of your fellow human being.
  • There is often a common goal in team sports.
  • In team sports talent isn’t everything; it’s about playing your role for the team.

Who Inspires Me in the Sporting Industry?

  • Coaches, football managers and players that are authentic.
  • Players in a team that have a team first mentality.
  • The underdog winning; when Leicester City won the Premier League!
  • Where there are genuinely good people that are selfless.
  • People within the sporting industry that rise above adversity!

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