An Unpredictable Round of Football in Game Week 27 of the Premier League; Find out What Transpired!

Premier League Game Week 27 My Review (Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool)

Only 2 of the 3 teams were in action this week with Chelsea not playing a game. There was only 1 game to report on as Manchester United and Liverpool were in action against each other. Manchester United were looking to make a top 4 finish on the ladder more probable, while Liverpool are in the race for the title as it is almost certain at this stage that the title will be decided near the end of the current Premier League season. Since there was only 1 game to report on the Review is split up into 2 sections, the 1st and 2nd half Review of the game between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Manchester United v Liverpool 1st Half My Review

The atmosphere was fantastic; it was cauldron like with the game. A back pass from Ashley Young led to a free kick being awarded inside the area to Liverpool, thankfully for Young the free kick didn’t end up in the back of the net. Marcus Rashford managed to have a shot on target, but it was a tame one. Manchester United gave away possession at times, with Liverpool managing to control the tempo of the game for the 1st part of the 1st half. United missed an opportunity to score late in the half. The game was largely uneventful in terms of goal threats from either side in the 1st half. The main issue was that Manchester United were forced into using all 3 substitutions before half time, due to injuries, while for Liverpool Roberto Firmino was forced to be substituted off as he was injured.

Manchester United v Liverpool 2nd Half My Review

Manchester United were forced to play the entirety of the 2nd half without making a substitution as they had none remaining solely due to injuries to 3 of their players; therefore it was a fantastic chance for Liverpool to take all 3 points. United were denied a goal, because Chris Smalling was caught offside. Liverpool failed to take advantage of the opportunity to increase their lead to 3 points on top of the Premier League table as the game ended nil-nil and it was a case of what could have been for Liverpool.

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