Three Different Results for the Teams Involved in action in what Continues to be an Unpredictable and Fascinating Premier League Season!

Premier League Game Week 13 My Review (Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool)

This time around there were three different results for the three teams that played. Manchester United continue to struggle as they sit in seventh place on the ladder. Chelsea suffered a loss in their game with Tottenham, that was their first loss for the season. Liverpool continued their unbeaten run with a comfortable victory, which means that they are in second place on the Premier League table as it stands.

Manchester United v Crystal Palace My Review

Crystal Palace controlled the balance of play in the first shalf where they squandered quite a few chances to score. Both United and Palace had goals ruled out due to the goal being ruled out due to offside. The respective teams involved in the game had opportunities to score, but they both failed to break the dead lock meaning that they shared the points.

Tottenham v Chelsea My Review

Christian Eriksen provided the assist for the opening goal that was headered into the back of the net by Deli Alli. The score was two-nil in favour of Tottenham shortly after with Harry Kane profiting from a second assist provided by Eriksen. Early in the second half Son Heung-Min gave Tottenham a virtually unassailable lead. Chelsea did manage to score a consolation goal thanks to Olivier Giroud, but the game was over by then and the damage was done.

Watford v Liverpool My Review

Watford appeared to be a danger game for Liverpool on paper, given Watford had such a good start to the season. The first half of the game substantiated that with neither side breaking the dead lock and the game hanging in the balance. Mohamed Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Roberto Firmino made sure that Liverpool had a fairly comprehensive victory in the end with the final score line three-nil in favour of Liverpool.

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