AFL Round 21 My Team of Suprise Packets

My Team of Surprise Packets in the AFL Round 21

This team consists of players that achieved more than I thought they would in Round 21 of the AFL.
B: Taylin Duman (Dockers), Alex Keath (Crows), Nic Newman (Swans)
HB: Brodie Smith (Crows), Sam Frost (Demons), Blake Hardwick (Hawks)
C: James Worpel (Hawks), Jack Steele (Saints), Sam Kerridge (Blues)
HF: Brayden Fiorini (Suns), Brennan Cox (Dockers), Tom Lynch (Crows)
FF: Hayden Ballantyne (Dockers), Josh Jenkins (Crows), Mark Lecras (Eagles)
Foll: Lewis Pierce (Saints), Dom Tyson (Demons), David Myers (Bombers)
Int:  Kyle Langford (Bombers), Dom Sheed (Eagles), David Armitage (Saints), Brayden Sier (Magpies)


Taylin Duman collected over twenty possessions. Alex Keath kept Jeremy Cameron to two goals. Nic Newman was an instrumental part of a winning Swans team. Brodie Smith was arguably the Crows best player. Sam Frost managed to curtail the influence of Lance Franklin, Franklin only kicked two goals. Blake Hardwick was an integral aspect of a Hawks side that beat the Cats.


James Worpel played one of his better games for the Hawks. Jack Steele accumulated over thirty possessions. Sam Kerridge won nearly thirty disposals for the Blues, Kerridge played one of his better games for the season.


Brayden Fiorini played his role for the Suns. Brennan Cox has to be considered one of the better young players in the competition if his round 21 performance is anything to go by. Tom Lynch played a good game for the Crows, despite his team’s loss to the Giants. Hayden Ballantyne showed that he may still have something to offer at AFL level with two goals. Josh Jenkins was an integral part of competitive Crows team against the Giants. Mark Lecras had one of his better games for the season as he managed to get the ball over twenty times.


Lewis Pierce proved that he could be as player for the future for the Saints. Dom Tyson displayed why he should be a permanent fixture in the Demons line up. David Myers played a great game for the Bombers, as he managed to win plenty of the ball and kick two goals.


Kyle Langford showed why the Bombers recently resigned Kyle Langford. Dom Sheed may have fought his way into the Eagles best twenty-two in the finals with one of his better games. In spite of the Saints not playing their best footy, David Armitage played his role for the team. Brayden Sier substantiated why the Magpies recruited him with a solid performance.

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