Crows Outsmart Giants

Crows v Giants Review

Quarter 1

Himmelberg ended up with a mark in the forward fifty, exquisitely finished.

Brodie Smith kicked a bomb from outside fifty.

Smith went down with a serious knee injury.

Seedsman brilliantly set up Betts, nailed a goal for the Giants.

Crows led by two goals at quarter time.

Quarter 2

Davis superbly prevented a goal to Brad Crouch

Betts with an inspirational snap from the pocket, kicked an inspirational second goal.

Hartigan spoiled a mark attempt from Coniglio, symptomatic of Crows team first football.

Brad Crouch with an exceptional smother on Scully to force a throw in.

The Crouch brothers have been the architects for the Crows.

Betts put the ball on a plate for Josh Jenkins to kick an easy goal.

Crows led by an extraordinary forty-four points.

Quarter 3

Ward with a goal early that typified his leadership role.

Greene with a clever goal.

Poor miss by Ward, but Giants seemed energized.

Coniglio with a spectacularly finished from nearly fifty out in the pocket.

Douglas took an unbelievable intercepted mark in the forward line for the Crows. Finished a tough kick off with a goal and arrested back the momentum for Adelaide.

Betts remarkably kept the ball in play, ended up with a great goal to Tom Lynch.

Douglas kicked a mercurial second for the quarter.

Josh Kelly’s wayward kick on goal summed up the Giants night.

Quarter 4

Kelly hadn’t stopped trying, missed another goal that should have been the Giant’s last opportunity to gain back the momentum.

Coniglio classily finished, his second gave the GWS some respectability.

Douglas to Mcgovern, yet another goal missed by the Crows.

The game was dominated in all facades by Adelaide. They led for the four quarters on the scoreboard and were efficient with their ball use. They coped without midfielder’s Brodie Smith and Rory Sloane.


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