Guy Lafleur- Former Ice Hockey Player

Guy Lafleur- Former Ice Hockey Player (In a Nutshell)

  • Guy Lafleur was born in Canada on September 20th, 1951 and lived until April 22nd, 2022.
  • The position that he played was Right wing.
  • The teams Lafleur played for were Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Quebec Nordiques.
  • He played from 1971-1985 and then from 1988-1991.
  • “I love this game. I want to see creativity. I want to see goals. I want ‘Wow!’”
  • “I’ve been playing hockey since I was five years old. It’s part of my life.”- Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur- Former Ice Hockey Player (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I hated school.”- Guy Lafleur
  • “It was my dream playing for the Montreal Cadiens – it was my dad’s team.”- Guy Lafleur
  • “I didn’t go to the 12th grade… I stopped at 11.”- Guy Lafleur
  • “When you win in Montreal, it’s the best place in the world to play hockey.”- Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur- Former Ice Hockey Player (What set him apart)

    • “In the NHL, 95 percent of success is confidence.”- Guy Lafleur
    • “The only time I’m relaxing is when I have the puck and controlling the puck. If I don’t have it, I’m getting anxious, and I want to have it.”- Guy Lafleur
    • “You do not play hockey for good seasons. You play to win the Stanley Cup. It has to be the objective.”- Guy Lafleur
    • Lafleur won the Stanley Cup championship on five occasions!

Guy Lafleur- Former Ice Hockey Player (Final Thoughts)

  • “People say that I must be bothered when someone stops me for an autograph or a photo. I’ll get bothered when no one asks me. Being asked means people haven’t forgotten the time I played.”- Guy Lafleur
  • “My night is only over when there are no more photos to take and nothing left to sign.”- Guy Lafleur

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