Josh Allen- NFL Player

Josh Allen- NFL Player (In a Nutshell)

  • Josh Allen was born in the United States on May 21st, 1996.
  • The position he plays is Quarterback.
  • Allen has played for Buffalo Bills since being drafted in 2018.
  • “I know I’ve got a lot of flaws as a quarterback.”- Josh Allen
  • “I’m the ultimate competitor.”- Josh Allen
  • “It’s really cool to be wanted by the fans.”- Josh Allen
  • “If you didn’t want to believe in me, that’s OK, because I’ll make a believer out of you.”- Josh Allen

Josh Allen- NFL Player (Nitty Gritty)

  • “There’s one thing about me: I do love the game of football.”- Josh Allen
  • “Whatever team I go to, I’m going to give them everything, show them the type of character I am because, like I said, my teammates know exactly who I am; they can vouch for me.”- Josh Allen
  • “It’s football at the end of the day, and throwing the ball is what I love to do the most.”- Josh Allen

Josh Allen- NFL Player (What sets him apart)

  • “Everybody does things well in their own aspect. We’re all different. We all have our plusses and minuses.”- Josh Allen
  • “There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being a NFL quarterback wherever you’re at, and I’m ready to tackle any situation in front of me.”- Josh Allen
  • “The reason I want to be on the field is to help my team. Whatever which way possible I can. When I can’t do that, it hurts me.”- Josh Allen

Josh Allen- NFL Player (Final Thoughts)

  • “I’m just trying to be the best quarterback possible. So as long as I’m playing well and improving every day, I will continue this.”- Josh Allen
  • “There are times in my career where I could’ve called it quits, and that would’ve ate at me for the rest of my life.”- Josh Allen

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