S. Sreesanth- Cricketer

S. Sreesanth- Cricketer (In a Nutshell)

  • Sreesanth was born in India on February 6th, 1983.
  • He is a Right-arm fast-medium bowler.
  • Since 2002/03 he has played for a team called Kerala.
  • “Anyone in free to judge me, but they weren’t there in my tough times.”- Sreesanth
  • “A good captain is great only if he has a great team.”- S. Sreesanth
  • “I used to watch a lot of motivational films and videos to remain positive.”- Sreesanth
  • “The secret to success is to be yourself.”- S. Sreesanth

S. Sreesanth- Cricketer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I can’t be a nice man on the field. I try to laugh, but whenever I start laughing or be jovial, I get smashed.”- Sreesanth
  • “My father always told me to be forgiving, as it purges you of pent-up negativity. I harbour no bitterness and malice towards anyone.”- S. Sreesanth
  • “I have always tried to improve myself in every practice session. When it comes to playing and preparation, I am disciplined and dedicated as anyone else.”- S. Sreesanth

S. Sreesanth- Cricketer (What set him apart)

  • “I have learnt a lot from my past experience.”- Sreesanth
  • “Competition is always good.”- S. Sreesanth
  • “I play cricket with a passion. I just want to win games for the country.”- S. Sreesanth
  • “One emerges as a better person after going through the wringer.”- S. Sreesanth
  • “You should look to give your best shot and not worry about the results because if you work hard, the result will take care of themselves.”- S. Sreesanth

S. Sreesanth- Cricketer (Final Thoughts)

  • “I had six surgeries on my left toe and six on the right toe.”- S. Sreesanth
  • “Whatever I do I always want to give my best.”- S. Sreesanth
  • “I look at my life journey as a miracle.”- S. Sreesanth


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