AFL Round 16 Preview (Season 2022)

Predictions- AFL Round 16, Season 2022 (Predicted winner for each game in Brackets)

Brisbane Lions v (Western Bulldogs)
(Carlton) v St Kilda
(Essendon) v Sydney Swans
(Adelaide Crows) v Melbourne Demons
(Geelong Cats) v North Melbourne
(Gold Coast Suns) v Collingwood
(Richmond) v West Coast Eagles
GWS Giants v (Hawthorn)
Fremantle Dockers v (Port Adelaide)

Thursday (Game One of Nine)

Brisbane Lions v (Western Bulldogs)
Brisbane Lions Perspective: It’s a danger game
Western Bulldogs Perspective: Can they play finals
Brisbane Lions Game Changer: Daniel Rich
Western Bulldogs Game Changer: Jack Macrae
Key matchup: Oscar McInerney v Jordon Sweet

Friday (Game Two of Nine)

(Carlton) v St Kilda
Carlton Perspective: Can they make the top 4
St Kilda Perspective: Will they bounce back from two bad losses in a row
Carlton Game Changer: Matthew Kennedy
St Kilda Game Changer: Sebastian Ross
Key matchup: Adam Cerra v Jack Steele

Saturday (Game Three of Nine)

(Essendon) v Sydney Swans
Essendon Perspective: How will they respond from a game that they should’ve won
Sydney Swans Perspective: Will their team win a game they’re expected to
Essendon Game Changer: Nic Martin
Sydney Swans Game Changer: Errol Gulden
Key matchup: Dylan Shiel v Luke Parker

Saturday Game (Game Four of Nine)

(Adelaide Crows) v Melbourne Demons
Adelaide Crows Perspective: Can they perform well against a good team
Melbourne Demons Perspective: Was their win in Round 15 the start of a trend or an aberration
Adelaide Crows Game Changer: Rory Laird
Melbourne Demons Game Changer: Angus Brayshaw
Key matchup: Reilly O’Brien v Luke Jackson

Saturday (Game Five of Nine)

(Geelong Cats) v North Melbourne
Geelong Cats Perspective: How will they cope without Tom Stewart
North Melbourne Perspective: Will the review help or hinder their on field performance
Geelong Cats Game Changer: Mitch Duncan
North Melbourne Game Changer: Jy Simpkin
Key matchup: Cameron Guthrie v Jy Simpkin

Saturday (Game Six of Nine)

(Gold Coast Suns) v Collingwood
Gold Coast Suns Perspective: Can they make the top 8
Collingwood Perspective: It’s a tough test
Gold Coast Suns Game Changer: Touk Miller
Collingwood Game Changer: Brayden Maynard
Key matchup: Brandon Ellis v Josh Daicos

Sunday (Game Seven of Nine)

(Richmond) v West Coast Eagles
Richmond Perspective: A game that they should win; how will they cope
West Coast Eagles Perspective: Will their system stack up against a team striving to be in the top 8
Richmond Game Changer: Tom J. Lynch
West Coast Eagles Game Changer: Liam Duggan
Key matchup: Tim Kelly v Jayden Short

Sunday (Game Eight of Nine)

GWS Giants v (Hawthorn)
GWS Giants Perspective: Will they win a game that they are expect to
Hawthorn Perspective: This game will show them where they’re at defensively as the opposition plays an attacking game style
GWS Giants Game Changer: Josh Kelly
Hawthorn Game Changer: Jai Newcombe
Key matchup: Josh Kelly v Jai Newcombe

Sunday (Game Nine of Nine)

Fremantle Dockers v (Port Adelaide)
Fremantle Dockers Perspective: Can they respond from a disappointing display in Round 15
Port Adelaide Perspective: Will they embrace the challenge of playing a top 8 team
Fremantle Dockers Game Changer: Andrew Brayshaw
Port Adelaide Game Changer: Dan Houston
Key matchup: Will Brodie v Ollie Wines


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