Mardy Fish- Former Tennis Player

Mardy Fish- Former Tennis Player (In a Nutshell)

  • Mardy Fish was born in the United States on December 9th, 1981.
  • His highest ranking was No. 7 on August 15th, 2011.
  • He retired from tennis in September, 2015.
  • “To show weakness, we’re told in sports, is to deserve shame. But showing weakness, addressing your mental health, is strength.”- Mardy Fish
  • “It’s just health. They call it mental health, but your brain is part of your body. It’s an injury. You just can’t see it.”- Mardy Fish

Mardy Fish- Former Tennis Player (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I was a guy who loved to be on my own at times and to travel and some of the most comfortable times were in the middle of my career flying overseas, where you have to turn your phone off and no one can get you for 10 hours. It was just a really comfortable place for me.”- Mardy Fish
  • “I’m superstitious as far as stuff around the courts. I’ll eat the same things ad drink the same things, and have the same breakfast in the morning.”- Mardy Fish

Mardy Fish- Former Tennis Player (What set him apart)

  • “You can’t play this game without being fit, and without being mentally fit and ready.”- Mardy Fish
  • “Some days are better than others, some weeks are better than others.”- Mardy Fish
  • “I always wanted to be a professional athlete and really did not necessarily care which sport.”- Mardy Fish
  • “I’d certainly like to feel I’m a better player than three titles, but it is what it is.”- Mardy Fish
  • “I don’t feel like in my head I have anything to prove.”- Mardy Fish

Mardy Fish- Former Tennis Player (Final Thoughts)

  • “I regret not being able to mature quicker.”- Mardy Fish

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