Self-Esteem (In a Nutshell)

  • The manner in which a person views themselves.
  • A person with high self-esteem usually believes in themselves.
  • Thinking positively about yourself, doesn’t mean you are arrogant.
  • Don’t let external forces influence the manner in which you view yourself.
  • What it means to have a decent perception of yourself is that you have confidence.
  • Being self-confident in making decisions and having a positive outlook on yourself along with the challenges you have will determine whether you have a high self-esteem.

Self-Esteem (Nitty Gritty)

  • The way in which you view yourself will impact on your self-esteem.
  • Low self-esteem is when you focus on the negatives of your capabilities.
  • It also means you have the view that other people have more ability than you.
  • You may find it tough to accept constructive feedback, even if it’s positive and being afraid of not succeeding.
  • Having a good self-esteem effectively means that the way in which you perceive yourself is realistic.

 Self-Esteem (Lateral Thinking)

  • “If I could talk to my younger self, I would just say that the path to great things is filled with a lot of stumbles, suffering, and challenges along the way. But if you have the right attitude and know the hard times will pass – and you get up each time – you will reach your destination.”- Jonny Kim (American-Astronaut)
  • “You should never give up your inner self.”- Clint Eastwood (American- Actor)

Self-Esteem (Final Thoughts)

    • “There is an amazing power getting to know your inner self and learning how to use it and not fight with the world. If you know what makes you happy, your personality, interests and capabilities, just them, and everything else will flow beautifully.”- Juhi Chawla (Indian- Actress)
    • It has an impact of the majority of facets that your life is made up of.
    • Accepting your strengths and weaknesses as no person is perfect!

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