Jamie Carragher- Former Footballer

Jamie Carragher- Former Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Jamie Carragher was born in England on January 28th, 1978
  • He was a defender, who played for Liverpool from 1988 until 2013, when taking into account his Youth Career.
  • In his Youth career he played for Liverpool.
  • During his Senior career he played 708 games for Liverpool.
  • Having represented England at three age levels is remarkable.
  • “It’s been a privilege for me, really, to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, an iconic club, an institution.”- Jamie Carragher

 Jamie Carragher- Former Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “Nobody in football wants to receive sympathy.”- Jamie Carragher
  • “Playing for England is a bonus, but playing for Liverpool is what I want to do.”- Jamie Carragher
  • “There is pressure, and I would never complain about that, but as players we put pressure on ourselves all the time. That’s one thing I won’t miss when I finally stop playing.”
  • “We’re only human and when things aren’t going well the confidence does go a little bit.”- Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher- Former Footballer (What set him apart)

  • “Centre-back takes more out of you mentally than physically.”- Jamie Carragher
  • “Learning to be a Liverpool player comes with experience.”- Jamie Carragher
  • “We take the plaudits when things are going well so you have to take the criticism when it’s not going well.”- Jamie Carragher
  • “In knockout football, it’s one bad game and you’re out.”- Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher- Former Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “The crowd, especially at Anfield, want us to win so much that it transmits itself down on the pitch at times.”- Jamie Carragher
  • “I’m always trying to improve.”- Jamie Carragher
  • “I always thought just because I love football, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m desperate to manage.”- Jamie Carragher

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