James Maddison- Footballer

James Maddison- Footballer (In a Nutshell) 

  • James Maddison was born in England on November 23rd, 1996.
  • In his youth he played for Coventry City.
  • He is an attacking midfielder.
  • During his senior career for Coventry City, Norwich City and was loaned out by them to Coventry City and Aberdeen.
  • Since 2018 he has been a part of Leicester City.
  • He also represented England U21 and the England senior team.
  • “I’ve always believed in myself.”- James Maddison

 James Maddison- Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I don’t get bored, because I have confidence in my ability.”- James Maddison
  • “If, just because it’s the Premier League, I started trying to play the simple pass instead of trying the harder pass, that is not the type of person I am, to be honest.”- James Maddison
  • “In the Premier League, you don’t have one second to breathe – you have to be on it from the first minute. If you lose focus – just for a few seconds – the game will pass you by. It’s 100 miles an hour.”- James Maddison

James Maddison- Footballer (What sets him apart)

  • “The only way you’re going to improve is playing games and learning, being a regular week on week.”- James Maddison
  • “Even at 22, you just want a manager to trust you.”- James Maddison
  • “I feel like I’m quite harsh on myself.”- James Maddison
  • “There are quite a lot of young players around now with undoubted talent who get stuck in academies at big clubs.”- James Maddison
  • “I’ve had to make lots of sacrifices, particularly off the pitch.”- James Maddison

 James Maddison- Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “I’d like to think I’m an attacking creative midfielder who can assist with goals.”- James Maddison
  • “I’m learning and constantly getting better.”- James Maddison
  • “You should always want more. If you get comfortable with what you have done, you can never go to that next level”- James Maddison




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