Xherdan Shaqiri- Footballer

Xherdan Shaqiri- Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Xherdan Shaqiri was born on October 10th, 1991.
  • “I was born in Kosovo and grew up in Switzerland.”- Xherdan Shaqiri
  • In his youth he played for Basel.
  • During his senior career he has played for Basel, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Stoke City.
  • He has played for Liverpool since 2018.
  • Shaqiri is a winger, who has represented Switzerland at five age levels!
  • “I am the opposite of someone who is not professional.”- Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri- Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “My parents wanted me to stay in England because they love the football here and how the people feel about football. It was important for them, too, that I stayed in the Premier League.”- Xherdan Shaqiri
  • “It was always my dream to come to the Premier League, because I love this league and I love this country. It’s an amazing place.”- Xherdan Shaqiri
  • “Everyone knows I’m a player who wants to play at the highest level; this is pretty normal.”- Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri- Footballer (What sets him apart)

  • “You have competition all over the world, not only in football, in normal life, too. Everyone fights for his place, but in the end, we have many games to play and everybody is going to play games.”- Xherdan Shaqiri
  • “I’m just a player who wants to work and does my job every day, the same as I always did.”- Xherdan Shaqiri
  • “Not everything depends on me. I can’t dribble the ball all the way from the back to the front.”- Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri- Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “Every player wants to play in the biggest stages in football. I have played for big teams. I know what it takes.”- Xherdan Shaqiri
  • “I have admired Jurgen Klopp for a long time because his teams play fantastic football, and he is a fantastic person.”- Xherdan Shaqiri
  • “For me, nothing is impossible.”- Xherdan Shaqiri

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