Confidence Builds Belief


  • Everyone is going to go through bumps in the road.
  • It’s natural that there’s doubt, but it must be a one off.
  • The past can’t be changed; there’s only one way and that’s forward.

“Ambitious Greed”

  • It’s all about having the desire to obtain the desired result.
  • Maximizing performance and endeavour should be enough.
  • There must be no inkling of failure.
  • Every task must be filled with optimism.

“Beyond the Blue Horizon”

  • A person must have a clear vision.
  • It can be perceived by others as insurmountable initially.
  • Other people’s negative thoughts must only serve as motivation.
  • There’s no doubt that the view must be authentic.

“Calm Simplicity”

  • Don’t have any nerves in pursuing what you want to achieve.
  • It’s not complicated as anything is attainable within reason.
  • A person just has to perform to their optimum level to be satisfied.

“Dark Times”

  • It’s inevitable that a person goes through adversity.
  • The key is stick to your end goal.
  • An individual must be resilient.
  • This is a period when a person finds out the most about themselves.
  • If a tough period hasn’t been experienced then changes must be made.
  • Everyone would be successful if life was easy.
  • It takes a strong character to move forward and stick to a vision.

“Glimmer of Hope”

  • There only has to be a slight chance that your goal could be attained to stay up beat.
  • It only has to be a slight chance something you want to happen will go in your favour.

“Mysterious Passion”

  • There must be an element of uncertainty in what you want to achieve.
  • It may be something difficult to understand at the time.
  • A person must pursue something, because they want to do it.

“Natural Growth”

  • There must be an element of normality about a person’s pursuit.
  • It must be clear that there are signs of improvement in one’s view of one self.
  • If a person is positive about their predicament, they can still achieve what they want.
  • In any endeavour the key is to have belief and confidence, but not arrogance.


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