Why the Positives of being a part of a Team Sport outweigh the Negatives!

Team Sport (In a Nutshell)

  • Play your given role.
  • Learn to get on with people.
  • Make new friends; grow socially.
  • Camaraderie within the group can be infectious.
  • Can reduce worrying and can boost belief within one’s self.
  • Means that a person is fitter.
  • It teaches people about failure.
  • The activity that can bring you happiness.
  • Teamwork that’s required in other industries can be acquired through team sport.
  • It can teach you how to cope with adversity and being resilient.
  • Optimum performance at your role should be the aim.

Team Sport (Positives)

  • The main part of being a part of a team is that you improve socially and merely playing your role is what’s required of a person playing a team sport.
  • A good coach can inspire a player to become a better person as well as improve at their given team sport.
  • You only need one person to believe in you in order to make the step to playing a team sport professionally.
  • Can benefit a person in terms of learning to get on with people as well as staying fit and healthy.

Team Sport (Negatives)

  • There is a chance of a person suffering an injury.
  • Mental health can be adversely impacted on due to bullying by a coach or a fellow teammate.
  • May lead to conflict with teammates as it’s tough to get on with everyone.

Team Sport (In a Nutshell)

  • Learn to get into a routine; sleeping, exercise and diet etc.
  • Sport is predominantly about winning, at a professional level, as it brings in sponsors, sales of merchandise etc.
  • It can teach people about life; it’s inevitable that people will have differences as no one is perfect and that it’s okay to lose; all that matters is that a person does their best.
  • Team sport can challenge a person to be mentally and physically tough and resilient.
  • There can be people from totally different backgrounds and upbringings together!


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