The Science Behind Staying Positive!

The Science Behind Staying Positive! (In a Nutshell) 

  • On paper it appears as if it’s the best way to look at a situation.
  • The perception in society is that it’s a good thing; perception is reality!
  • It’s a sign that a person is in a good headspace.
  • Things are always going to go wrong, that’s life. If a person thinks positive then they can overcome those hurdles.
  • Without being positive you may as well not pursue anything.

The Science Behind Staying Positive! (Positives)

  • A person won’t be scared to have a go and will always endeavour to do your best.
  • There’s an opportunity to overcome adversity.
  • No chance of any negatives interfering in your given task.
  • It’s generally the way to go, as life isn’t easy, but it’s easier if you stay positive.
  • There’s less chance of feeling unwell and more chance of being mentally well.

The Science Behind Staying Positive! (Negatives)

  • There’s a chance that someone can stick to the same thing due to being positive, when change is essential.
  • Perseverance due to positive during adversity can be a bad thing, because it can lead to a person resisting change, when it’s needed.
  • It can be a bad thing socially; being around people that bring a person down.
  • There’s little chance of quitting; “Quitting is leading too.”

The Science Behind Staying Positive! (Final Thoughts)

  • The only thing a person can control is their thoughts.
  • It’s better to be positive than negative.
  • A person can still be positive, but realistic.
  • It is helpful for a person to be more successful if a person is positive.
  • Being positive doesn’t mean a person is arrogant, but they do have plenty of belief and that’s the main thing!

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