A-League Elimination Final Preview (Brisbane Roar v Western United)

A-League Elimination Final (Brisbane Roar- In a Nutshell)

 It’s a tough task to decipher who will win the Elimination Final between Brisbane Roar and Wester United. The Brisbane Roar has won just one out of four games since they have played in the A-League restart. They have only had five points out of a possible 12 points. In the four games that Brisbane Roar played they scored four goals in the four games that they have played.

A-League Elimination Final (Western United- In a Nutshell)

It’s been a reasonable time for Western United since the A-League restart as they scored 12 goals in six games. They won four games and lost two games, which means that there shouldn’t be any extra time or a penalty shootout as it’s difficult to predict a draw in their Elimination Final against the Brisbane Roar. They have conceded nine goals in the six games that have played since the A-League restart. They failed to score once, but scored five goals in one game, so it’s tough to analyse them.

A-League Elimination Final (Brisbane Roar Preview from their Perspective)

The Brisbane Roar be looking to win this game as they have had a long break since their last game on 10/08/20. They only played four games since the restart compared with Western United, which could work either way. The Brisbane Roar have had plenty of time to prepare for this game, which could mean that they are fit and hungry or sluggish and beatable.

A-League Elimination Final (Western United Preview from their Perspective)

The Western United are a team that has been in unpredictable form. They have played three games since 12/08/20. That could either mean that they will be ready for the game or tired and out of form.

A-League Elimination Final (Final Thoughts- Brisbane Roar v Western United)

This is a game similar to the Elimination Final between Wellington Phoenix and Perth Glory, because the result could go either way. It’s a tough game to pick a winner in. Regardless of that fact, I think that Brisbane Roar could be ready for this game as they have had a break from playing of nearly two weeks! Either way Western United can consider making the A-League Season 2019/20 finals as a success.
Brisbane Roar Game Changer: Matthew Ridenton
Western United Game Changer: Max Burgess
My Prediction: Brisbane Roar


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