What is an Extrovert?

  • A person that talks a lot and isn’t afraid to voice their opinion.
  • Someone that likes to communicate through verbalising.
  • Enjoys being a part of team/group.
  • They are people that are outgoing.
  • Is a person that generally enjoys social networking.
  • Have a tendency to voice the way they are feeling; impulsive.
  • An individual that acts before thinking logically.
  • People that enjoy engaging with their fellow human being.

What are the Positives of Being an Extrovert?

  • They generally are positive people.
  • Someone who is more likely to get breaks as they generally know more people.
  • Better at forging relationships.
  • Theoretically are more successful; likely to get an opportunity to get a reference for a job.
  • Can achieve more socially.
  • Achieve more in the professional façade of life.
  • Don’t have all of their eggs in 1 basket.
  • Enjoy spending time with other people.
  • Are often confident and charismatic.

What are the Negatives of Being an Extrovert?

Being a Person that Talks too much means you are a Danger to Yourself!

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