My Favourite 10 Brisbane Lions Players (AFL Season 2020)

10- Dayne Zorko (Midfielder)

Dayne Zorko is a reasonable player; Zorko was a part of the initial 40 player AFL All Australian squad. He finished 2nd in the 2019 Brisbane Lions AFL best and fairest competition.

9- Charlie Cameron (Forward Pocket)

Charlie Cameron is a highly respected crumber that was named in the 2019 AFL All Australian team. Cameron is a quality forward pocket.

8- Daniel Rich (Half Back Flank)

Daniel Rich is a player that was a high draft pick drafted 7th in the 2008, which is an indicator of how highly he is thought of by recruiters. Rich has scored over 100 goals, playing more than 200 games, which is impressive.

7- Lincoln McCarthy (Half Forward Flank)

Lincoln McCarthy is a player that’s capable of being a better player and more important player for the Brisbane Lions if he plays to his potential. The Geelong Cats may regret trading him if he can play to a level that his capable of.

6- Ryan Lester (Utility)

Ryan Lester is a utility that has the ability to play a number of roles. Lester has kicked 45 goals in 126 games. He is a player with potential to improve as a player as he is a part of the Brisbane Lions leadership group for Season 2020.

5- Lachie Neale (Midfielder)

Lachie Neale was a part of the 2019 AFL All Australian team as a follower. Neale is no doubt 1 of the best players in the AFL, but I picked him as my 5th favourite Brisbane Lions player; this is an extremely subjective exercise.

 4- Jarryd Lyons (Midfielder)

Jarryd Lyons is a quality midfielder who is a good player that has the potential to improve as a player. Lyons has been added to the leadership group for Season 2020 for the Brisbane Lions.

3- Alex Witherden (Half Back Flank)

Alex Witherden has the potential to create plenty of run off the half back line. Witherden is a player that goes about his role with little fuss.

2- Eric Hipwood (Centre Half Forward)

Eric Hipwood has plenty of talent, he just needs to keep his feet on the ground. Hipwood has the potential to be a pivotal player in the Brisbane Lions team.

1- Hugh McCluggage (Wing)

Hugh McCluggage is a quality player that plays his role extremely well for the team. McCluggage finished 3rd in the Brisbane Lions best and fairest in Season 2019. He was a part of the initial 40 player AFL All Australian squad. He has been added to the 2020 Brisbane Lions leadership group.

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