My Top 50 Songs to Exercise to (10-1)

10- Kate Voegele- Kindly Unspoken

This is a song that brings me up when I’m feeling down and don’t want to do exercise; the words in the song have plenty of meaning.

9- Curtis Mayfield- Move On Up

This song is extremely upbeat; it keeps you exercising. It’s a useful song to listen to when you want to go for a run or have a good work out.

8- Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds- AKA… What a Life!

This is a song that is slightly hypnotic especially when you want to stop exercising.

7- Jack’s Mannequin- The Mixed Tape

This is a song that is extremely good to exercise too. This song has a good rhythm  to it, which is useful when you exercise.

6- U2- Ordinary Love

This is a song that featured in a movie about Nelson Mandela’s life, which means it’s motivating as any music associated with Mandela’s life is inspiring. It’s a song to chill out to though and to relax to when you are chilling out and doing exercise at a slow rate.

5- Gavin De Graw- In Love With a Girl

This song is a great song to do exercise to, such as running as are most songs by Gavin De Graw.

4- Nada Surf- Concrete Bed

This is a song that you must listen to when you are building up your pace from medium to fast pace if you are going for a run, for instance.

3- Gavin De Graw- I don’t want to be

This is a song that’s all about being yourself; it can be upbeat at times and help you chill out; its all in the way that you interpret the song.

2- Nada Surf- Always Love

This is a song that helps you rise above all the ignorance, injustice and hypocrisy throughout society as well as the double standards through exercising. The words in the song resonate with me.

1- La Rocca- Non-Believer

This is a song that deserves to be 1st on the list to exercise to as it keeps you exercising when you’d rather stop exercising.

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