My Top 50 Songs to Exercise to (40-31)

40- Sugar Ray- Every Morning

This song isn’t a chill out song and isn’t upbeat either; it’s somewhere in the middle. Regardless it’s a good song to exercise to.

39- Switchfoot- Dare You to Move

This is a fantastic song when you are pushing past the pain barrier and ready to stop exercising, because it helps you keep up your will to exercise.

38- One Republic- Counting Stars

This is a great song to work out to; it’s a song that helps your mood improve. The chorus gets you back doing that exercise.

37- Oasis- Morning Glory

The band Oasis and exercise go well together so I had to include at least 1 Oasis song to exercise to. This song has elements of it that are good to do some intense exercise to and also to do some relaxing exercise to; it has different parts to it.

36- Travis- Re-Offender

This is a great song to exercise slowly to; ie go for a walk. It is mostly associated with chilling out. It’s not a song to do sprints, while listening to it.

35- Youngblood Hawke- We Come Running

This is definitely an upbeat song to run or do another form of exercise, while listening to this song.

34- Panama- Always

When you are losing all motivation to exercise then this song will get you out of that predicament and get you exercising again.

33- The Script- Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)

This is a very good song to exercise to when you want to push past the pain barrier.

32- The All-American Rejects- Move Along

This is a good song when you are ramping up your exercise; ie doing some sprints.

31- The Cat Empire- Sly

This is a song from an Australian band that gets you in the mood to keep going and not give up your exercise! This is definitely a song to run fast, while listening to it!

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