Red Devils Stalemate

Liverpool v Red Devils Review

Pre Match Analysis– The game was a fascinating contest. The ‘Special One’ implemented a three, four, three formation. Incredibly he went into the contest with no Rashford in the starting line up. Would this set the tone for the contest? Time would tell.

First Half Analysis

Apart from having two consecutive corners early on they didn’t do much with their possession. Sustained periods of possession were few and far between for the Red Devils. The Red Devils set up with a strong focus on keeping a clean sheet. A tough and tight contest early on with the Red Devils defending relatively deep. Liverpool looked hungry early on. They looked to maintain possession early. The decision to bench Rashford was clearly having an impact on the attacking prowess of the Red Devils. Neither side looked dangerous in the final third. Neither team wanted to lose the game, with both sides playing too safe. Wijnaldum had the first shot on target in the match in the fourteenth minute. United clearly set up their team in a defensive manner. Suddenly the Red Devils had a chance in the final third with Lukaku forcing Mignolet into a sharp save.

Half Time Analysis– This game appeared destined for a draw. No one looked like scoring with both teams implementing a robust defensive shape. Rashford not starting could prove to be the wrong decision, while, Liverpool would look to continue keeping the possession.

Second Half Analysis

The start of the second half was much of the same as the previous half with Liverpool attacking. Once again they controlled the possession. Rashford came on in the sixty fifth minute, but didn’t create any chances or have any impact on the contest. Emre Can missed a golden opportunity, following a sublime cross from Gomez. No one looked like breaking the dead lock in a fierce contest.

Full Time Analysis– A nil all draw eventuated. If it was a game of chess it would have been a stalemate with Liverpool dominating the match, but having no end product. The Red Devils can count themselves lucky to leave Anfield with a point.

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