Swans Scintillating Bombers Bomb Out

Swans v Bombers Review

Quarter 1

It was like a war early on.

Daniher with a great mark and the first goal of the contest.

Game tough and tight early on.

Towers holding the ball on Heppell, exquisitely finished.

Sinclair took mark, followed by spectacularly finished.

Jack with terrifically finished goal, Sinclair was the architect.

High intensity from both teams. Daniher tackle on Jones epitomised this.

Best first quarter of the three finals so far.

Quarter 2

Buddy nailed a superb goal.

A mercurial second goal from the champ, Buddy.

Parker took a huge mark, set up Sinclair who finished.

A contest brought the ball to ground through Franklin, Heeney kicked the goal to give the Swans the momentum.

Lloyd continued the precession.

Kennedy with a superb captain’s goal.

Merrett sets up Begley, who nailed the goal, finally the Bomber’s find their second goal.

Heppell kicked the ball out on the full, symptomatic of the day for the Bomber’s.

Hurley with an horrendous turnover, finished with Buddy who nailed his fourth.

Towers with a fantastic finish

Kennedy with a super mark, got his second.

Quarter 3

Daniher kicked his second to give the Bombers a bit of morale back.

Rohan took a super mark and kicked a key goal.

Sinclair took a superb mark and kicked his third goal that summed up the Swans side.

An easy goal for Heeney.

Rohan with his second goal for the quarter.

Daniher a shining light, kicked his third goal.

Quarter 4

Zak Jones made a spectacular spoil, epitomised the Swans intensity.

Fantasia snapped a goal that gave the Bombers a bit of pride.

Towers dribbled a classy goal.

Begley kicked his second.

Mills mark off back half, indicative of the Swans day.

A four quarter effort from the Sydney side should give them momentum for the rest of the finals series.

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