Power Outage

Power v Eagles Review

Quarter 1

Petrie with an accurate kick to Kennedy, who passed it off Darling, finished it off with a goal.

Mitchell handballed to Darling who nailed his second goal.

Kennedy with an elite goal.

Petrie took an intercepted mark, nailed the opportunity.

Petrie marked on half back for the Eagles.

Eagles had the ascendancy.

Quarter 2

Kennedy passed to Shuey, who snapped a clever goal.

Amon took a poor miss.

Dixon missed his second.

Petrie led up to the wing.

Darling took a great contested mark, kicked his third goal.

Shuey intelligently kicked to Cripps, who capitalised.

Dixon kicked his third.

Vardy prevented another Dixon chance with a touch near the line.

Mcgovern superbly spoiled Dixon; Are the Power one dimensional.

A spectacular intercepted mark to Mcgovern

Sam Gray kicked a critical goal.

Sheed missed an easy goal.

Ebert kicked a bomb through for a goal.

Appeared to be the closest game of the four finals played.

Quarter 3

Impey missed the post. No one could kick a goal at that moment in time.

Sam Gray with a great mark inside forward fifty. Missed everything, will anyone break the deadlock.

Robbie Gray with a shocking miss.

Dixon with a horrendous wayward kick.

Only three points the difference.

Quarter 4

Ryder missed a chance.

Marshall sockered out of bounce.

Wines nailed a superb goal.

Powell-Pepper snapped what could have proved to have been the sealer.

Impey with a super kick to Dixon, who missed a golden opportunity.

Shuey with composure, passed off to Priddis, who kicked straight through the middle.

Gaff snapped it to Petrie, who nailed the goal.

Mcgovern with another important mark in defence.

Boak hit the post.

Sheppard spoiled Wingard.

Mcgovern was inspirational in the defensive key post.

Extra time

Boak passed the ball to Sam Gray, who finished with an easy goal.

Robbie Gray handballed to Wines who completed the transaction with the goal.

Kennedy kicked a superb goal off the ground.

Power ahead by just seven points.

Wingard missed an opportunity to kick a goal.

Petrie created a contest, Vardy got the ball and Kennedy with a great finish.

Dixon marked the ball in front of Mackenzie. Miss gave him six behinds.

Boak blazed away.

Ball in dispute in the Eagles forward line.

Polec with a contentious high tackle on Shuey, giving Shuey a free kick to him and a kick after the siren.

A high pressure moment, he showed immense composure, stood up and produced with the winning goal.




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