AFL Saturday Review

Magpies v Demons Review

Quarter 1

Collingwood made a good start to the game. Small forwards Elliot and Daicos looked dangerous, while Hoskin-Elliot featured prominently. The move of Moore into the ruck and Grundy forward should have been made earlier in the year. Collingwood’s midfield had no passengers; can’t see Melbourne getting back into it. Could this effort save Nathan Buckley’s job; they were definitely playing for the coach. Hunt, Hibberd and Jetta weren’t creating the run off half back that they usually did. The likes of Phillips and Broomhead were solid contributors.

Quarter 2

Garlett goals; looked like more of the same for the Pies after quarter time. They were hoping that they could put in a 4 quarter effort. The Melbourne intensity and endeavour had gone up a notch. For Collingwood, Elliot continued to hit the scoreboard and looked dangerous around the goals. At the other end of the ground, Garlett was potent around the goals. The Demons looked like a different team that quarter. The likes of Scharenberg and Langdon had brought youthful exuberance to the back line. The momentum of the game had ebbed and flowed in what was an intriguing 2nd term. Elliot continued to hit the scoreboard, which gave Collingwood the ascendency leading into half time.

Quarter 3

Neal Bullen kicked a pivotal goal, which kept the Demons in the hunt for the 4 points. A courageous contest that involved Cam Pedersen created another goal for the Demons with a goal to Jake Melksham. What followed, was a goal to Neal Bullen, which was created by the Demons run off half back. Lewis, Hibberd, Hunt and Jetta had used the ball efficiently off half back. Melksham managed to kick another goal, which put the Demons within 4 goals of the Magpies. Then Christian Pettraca made the difference 3 goals, which should have lifted the morale for the Dees.

Quarter 4

Cox had improved immensely with a pivotal goal for the Magpies. Hannan kicked an important goal for the confidence of the Demons. Melksham then kicked his 3rd and most imperative goal. Cox missed an opportunity to score a goal in the forward pocket. A moment later he looked to redeem himself with an intercept mark from the kick in, but he missed a simple goal. Hoskin-Elliot kicked, with what should have been the sealer. Moore and Hoskin-Elliot took key marks in the defensive half, which epitomised the endeavour of the Magpies today. A well deserved victory to the Magpies, because they gave a 4 quarter effort.

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