Larry Fitzgerald- Former NFL Player

Larry Fitzgerald- Former NFL Player (In a Nutshell)

  • Larry Fitzgerald was born in the United States on August 31st, 1983.
  • The position he played was Wide receiver.
  • Fitzgerald played for the Arizona Cardinals from 2004 until 2020.
  • The decision to retire was made by him on February 16th, 2022.
  • “I can never let the guy across from me be in better shape. I have to be the best-conditioned guy.”- Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald- Former NFL Player (Nitty Gritty)

  • “You have to find something that you want to accomplish, that you want to achieve. You want to drop 15 pounds. You want to be able to run four miles. There has to be some goal that you set yourself and after you’ve reached that goal, you set a new one. You always have to be shooting for something, striving for something.”- Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald- Former NFL Player (What set him apart)

  • “The more playoff games and Super Bowls and things of that nature that you’re in obviously is going to build your portfolio and raise your visibility.”- Larry Fitzgerald
  • “I’ve always thought about my legacy – more so, though, my impact off the field and how I’m helping my community and solidifying and strengthening the lives of others around me. And also, I want to be a dominant football player, too. So it encompasses everything.”- Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald- Former NFL Player (Final Thoughts)

  • “My mother was a great inspiration to me to always do my best. My father has always been my mentor and friend. They taught me the basic principle that guides most all that I do: faith, focus, finish.”- Larry Fitzgerald
  • “Chess is a lot of fun for me. Football is a physical game, and in chess you can just beat someone mentally – you outwit somebody, outmaneuver them, think ahead of them.”- Larry Fitzgerald

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