Badminton (In a Nutshell)

Badminton (Nitty Gritty)

Badminton (What sets it apart)

  • “I think badminton has a real legacy with more youngsters taking up the sport. Badminton has done really well in that regard compared to other sports.”- Rajiv Ouseph (British- Former Badminton Player)
  • “Badminton court is my territory and that’s where I do most of my talking.”- Jwala Gutta (Indian- Former Female Badminton Player)
  • “I love badminton, and representing China is an honour for me.”- Lin Dan (Chinese- Former Badminton Player)
  • “Women’s badminton has become so competitive.”- P. V. Sindhu (Indian- Female Badminton Player)

Badminton (Final Thoughts)

  • “I think if people were to look at badminton and tennis, they’d see they’re actually very similar; the profile would increase, and we might be in a better position as a sport.”- Rajiv Ouseph (British- Former Badminton Player)

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