Joe Ingles- Basketballer

Joe Ingles- Basketballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Joe Ingles was born in Australia on October 2nd, 1987.
  • The position he plays is either Small forward or Power forward.
  • Ingles has had an intriguing journey, having played in Australia, Spain, Israel and the NBA.
  • Having represented the Utah Jazz from 2014-2022 is pretty impressive.
  • He has played for the Milwaukee Bucks, since he signed a one-year contract on July 6th, 2022.
  • “I’m very lucky what basketball has given me, so I’d love to give back.”- Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles- Basketballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “Obviously getting into the AIS and making an NBL team was pretty big, but to be able to step it up another level and play well in my first year, I’m really proud of myself.”- Joe Ingles
  • “Playing pretty big minutes in the playoffs and having career games in the playoffs is something you dream of as a kid but never really think will happen.”- Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles- Basketballer (What sets him apart)

  • “I’m trying to focus on every play and not worry about the offensive end.”- Joe Ingles
  • “Ten, 20, 30 winning, losing streak, whatever it is, we’ve just got to keep pushing, keep getting better each day.”- Joe Ingles
  • “Representing Australia is a huge reason why I play.”- Joe Ingles
  • “It’s funny, because not everyone can make the NBA, but timing and being in the right situation that can make or break someone or a team.”- Joe Ingles
  • “I’m not going to change who I am.”- Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles- Basketballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “At the end of the day, if I can keep playing defense, I’m going to be able to stay on the floor, and obviously that’s what everyone wants to do.”- Joe Ingles
  • “I loved it at Barcelona. My three years have been such a great experience – the city, the culture, the weather, the food and the friends I made.”- Joe Ingles
  • “It’s fun to play when you have a great group of guys.”- Joe Ingles

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