Eoin Morgan- Cricketer

Eoin Morgan- Cricketer (In a Nutshell)

  • Eoin Morgan was born in Ireland on September 10th, 1986.
  • He is a Left-handed Batsman.
  • Having represented England in all three formats is impressive.
  • He became the first male cricketer for England to play in 100 T20Is (57 as captain), in March 2021.
  • In May 2021 Morgan was the leading run scorer and also made the most appearances in one day internationals and T20I matches.
  • “I’d never allow myself to imagine winning the World Cup. Cynical me!”- Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan- Cricketer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I had to believe in myself from quite a young age. And I had to grow up pretty early.”- Eoin Morgan
  • “I’m a guy of strong principles and I think people respect that.”- Eoin Morgan
  • “I tend to stay quite level. I make better decisions when I am level and I also take in good information when I am level, so it’s important for me to stay in that head space.”- Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan- Cricketer (What sets him apart)

  • “You have to be adaptable. I don’t think you go into any game with any fixed plan.”- Eoin Morgan
  • “I don’t seek the limelight.”- Eoin Morgan
  • “You won’t see me searching out red carpets and TV cameras. I’m more comfortable sitting back and letting others enjoy the spotlight.”- Eoin Morgan
  • “I don’t make an effort to advance my own profile, everything revolves around the team.”- Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan- Cricketer (Final Thoughts)

  • “I never dreamed I would captain England in a home World Cup.”- Eoin Morgan
  • “It’s very rare that you get a chance to play in a Test and that’s what makes it so special and prestigious.”- Eoin Morgan
  • “I enjoy my life.”- Eoin Morgan

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