Alex de Minaur- Tennis Player

Alex de Minaur- Tennis Player (In a Nutshell)

  • Alex de Minaur was born in Australia on February 17th, 1999.
  • He became a Professional tennis player in 2015 and is Right-handed.
  • Having won five career titles is remarkable.
  • His highest ranking was World No. 15 on June 28th, 2021.
  • “Tennis is a tough sport – a long year, a lot of matches, a lot of travelling. It’s not easy so being mentally tough is a big attribute. It doesn’t come easy, you have to work on it.”- Alex de Minaur

 Alex de Minaur- Tennis Player (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I’m very fortunate to be in the position that I am, to be able to play the sport that I love every single day. I’m never taking that for granted.”- Alex de Minaur
  • “Every time I step out on court, I leave 150 per cent out there. That’s the bare minimum.”- Alex de Minaur
  • “At the end of the day, it is a very long year. The tennis season is pretty much ten months of the year.”- Alex de Minaur

 Alex de Minaur- Tennis Player (What sets him apart)

  • “I am a strong believer in looking at the positives of everything and setting up your image for the long-term.”- Alex de Minaur
  • “It’s all about mentally staying in the moment and not losing concentration and trying to back up every day.”- Alex de Minaur
  • “My long-term goal is to get as high as possible in the rankings, and to improve my game each day. If I am able to do that, my ranking should get better and better.”- Alex de Minaur

Alex de Minaur- Tennis Player (Final Thoughts)

  • “Everyone is their own person. I just worry about myself and surround myself with good people who keep me ground and focused on what matters.”- Alex de Minaur

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