Andrea Pirlo- Former Footballer

Andrea Pirlo- Former Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Andrea Pirlo was born in Italy on May 19th, 1979.
  • He was a midfielder.
  • In his Youth Career he played for Brescia.
  • During his Senior career he played for Brescia, then for Inter Milan, where he was loaned out to Reggina and Brescia. Following that he played for AC Milan, Juventus and New York City FC.
  • Having represented Italy at six age levels and at the Olympics is remarkable.
  • He retired from playing football professionally in 2017.
  • “I don’t feel pressure.”- Andrea Pirlo

 Andrea Pirlo- Former Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I played with many champions, but the most important thing is always the team, as the group goes beyond any single player.”- Andrea Pirlo
  • “Surely it was the decision of my career to sign for Juventus.”- Andrea Pirlo
  • “I do not have a Facebook page and I don not chat on Twitter. I don’t have a web site, even if there are people who have opened one in my name, complete with my photo.”- Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo- Former Footballer (What set him apart)

  • “When you start to achieve success, you want to get more.”- Andrea Pirlo
  • “You can be lucky for a few years, but in the end, your defects will emerge. The reality is different. People are watching you, and those who know hot to play will progress, while those who don’t will remain in the lower levels.”- Andrea Pirlo
  • “There are so many different factors – luck, being in good shape when it matters, the draw. For these reasons, it’s hard to win a European Cup.”- Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo- Former Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “I’ve always been able to play for the love of the sport.”- Andrea Pirlo
  • “As a player, you just want to be at a club where you can achieve everything you want to.”- Andrea Pirlo
  • “I was lucky enough to play for the top three Italian clubs during the golden era of Italian football, so I have no regrets.”- Andrea Pirlo

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