Trent Alexander-Arnold- Footballer

Trent Alexander-Arnold- Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Trent Alexander-Arnold was born in England on October 7th, 1998.
  • In his youth he played for Liverpool from 2004 until 2016.
  • Having played for England at six age levels is impressive.
  • Since 2016 he has been playing for Liverpool.
  • “My mum and dad always knew that my dream was to be a footballer, but they also warned me that it doesn’t always work out.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • “To play for Liverpool is the dream, the aim, and I can’t see it changing to be fair.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold

 Trent Alexander-Arnold- Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I want to challenge myself and test myself against the best players in the world, and there are not many people better than the likes of Ronaldo.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • “It’s not important to me where I’m playing, just as long as the manager is happy and trusting me to go out on the pitch.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • “The family and friends and the people I surround myself allow me to keep my feet firmly on the floor and not get too big-headed.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold- Footballer (What sets him apart)

  • “No matter how good you are, your mentality has got to be right. A lot of young players, that’s where they go wrong, and that’s what I’ve always seen when I was growing up – players who are almost there but couldn’t quite get there because there because the mentality wasn’t right.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • “You are brought up to realise that there will always be tough times in football and that nothing is ever straight forward.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold- Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “The odds are stacked against you becoming a footballer, so my family made sure I always had a backup plan.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • “It’s always great to see someone’s life change for the better, and to be involved in something like that is really uplifting for me.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • “It’s wrong if you go into a game and think you’re starting week in and week out.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • “Keeping people on their toes is the best way to get the best out of people.”- Trent Alexander-Arnold

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