Rafael Nadal is just a Humble Tennis Player!

Rafael Nadal (In a Nutshell)

  • “If you don’t lose, you cannot enjoy the victories. So I have to accept both things.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “I learned during my career to enjoy suffering.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “Even if I have already peaked, I have to believe I can improve. I wake up every morning, and go to practice with the illusion that I’m going to get better that day.”- Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal (Nitty Gritty)

  • “As a tennis player you can win and you can lost, and you have to be ready for both. I practised self-control as a kid. But as you get older they both – winning and losing – get easier.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “I always work with a goal- and the goal is to improve as a player and a person. That, finally, is the most important thing of all.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “My motivation is tomorrow, just one day at a time, right?”- Rafael Nadal
  • “It’s not the time to look for excuses.”- Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal (More than just a Tennis Player)

  • “No one is perfect. Everybody does stupid things.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “I always wanted to be honest with myself and to those who had faith in me.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “I’m lucky enough to do what I like for work- not everyone’s that fortunate.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “I am very lucky because when I come back home, I have a completely normal life. I can relax, playing golf, fishing – doing what I want. I know when I finish a tournament, I am going to relax.”- Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal (Final Thoughts)

  • “I will do as I usually do. Tomorrow is going to be a day like any other day.”- Rafael Nadal
  • “I think the tennis is only a game. You can lose. You can win. After that? In life, there much more important things that tennis.”- Rafael Nadal



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