Courage (In a Nutshell)

  • Not fear something you may find dangerous and/or painful.
  • A person who has unwavering belief in themselves.
  • It helps you act without fear of failure or rejection.
  • Without courage, you can’t achieve good things that are meaningful.
  • Doing what is correct from a moral perspective.
  • Having courage can require giving up certain things. Giving up negative influences.
  • In order to have courage you must be genuine and authentic.

Positives of Courage

  • Respond appropriately to risks, but not arrogantly to accomplish good things.
  • It requires being honest at all times, irrespective of what the repercussions are.
  • When you have an error of judgment by admitting it, you build character.
  • Never waver from what you believe is right.
  • Most things require courage; ie, leadership and trust.
  • It’s done without the absence of fear, even if you’re scared, take appropriate action.

Type of Courage (Number 1- Emotional Courage) 

  • Despite being fearful of the final result you’re willing to follow through on your emotions.
  • In your areas that you’re capable of developing, be confident in them.

Type of Courage (Number 2- Intellectual Courage)

  • Being honest and true to yourself.
  • On an occasion where you risk harm from an intellectual perspective.

Type of Courage (Number 3- Moral Courage)

  • Doing the correct thing under the circumstances.
  • In particular it may involve risk bringing about opposing views and potentially conflict.
  • Not giving into the fear that facing the pressures will compromise ethical standards.

Type of Courage (Number 4- Physical Courage)

  • Being brave enough to risk physical harm.

Type of Courage (Number 5- Social Courage)

  • Conveying and portraying a person’s true self, despite risking social disapproval.
  • Stating an opinion even if it’s totally out of line of the views of others.

Type of Courage (Number 6- Spiritual Courage)

  • Despite the fact you may not get a favourable answer, asking the question.

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