Tigers Torture Crows

Crows v Tigers Review (Tigers Cruise to forty eight point win)

The Tigers played with a high intensity from the moment that the ball was bounced. Their pressure was relentless. It wasn’t pressure on the man, but fierce pressure directed at the ball. Tackling, shepparding and the so called one percenters were executed to perfection by the Tigers. Every player on the magnet board played their role for the Tigers.

The game was tough and tight early. The intensity was through the roof. Matt Crouch started well early. He Created the first goal with an exquisite kick to Sloane, who calmly finished off. It looked ominous for the Tigers early with Betts kicking the second goal of the game. Riewoldt kicked two successive behinds to make the task even harder for the Tigers. Caddy then steadied the Tigers with a sublime snap to give the Tigers their first goal. Martin was then involved for the Tigers then got the ball to Houli who kicked a pivotal goal. Sloane managed to kick his second goal for the quarter, followed by Greenwood, who nailed with his first goal. The Crows went into the first break with a ten point lead.

Betts and Sloane missed goals early in the second term. Martin was then involved once again when he got the ball to Edwards to Riewoldt who cleverly snapped his first goal. Rance had two instrumental intercepts twice in the second term. Cotchin handballed to Graham who kicked his first goal. Martin then took a key contested mark and kicked a goal. Despite having one more scoring shot than the Tigers, the Crows went into the long break trailing by nine points.

Graham kicked his second goal in the third term. Edwards kicked the ball to Grigg who kicked a great goal. Grigg then set up Lambert who kicked a classy goal. Graham kicked his third goal of the game. Houli took an intercept mark which epitomised the Tigers domination of the ‘big dance.’ The Tigers went into three quarter time with a thirty-four point lead.

The Tigers played an unbelievable game. They all played for each other. They believed in the game plan implemented by the coaching staff. The Tigers played team first football.

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