Red Devils Survive Saints Second Half Siege

Saints v Red Devils Review

Pre Match Analysis– No changes for the Red Devils from their last premier league game. Still played with two attacking wingbacks in Valencia and Young. Both sides employed the formation of four, three, two, one. It should have been an easy victory to the Red Devils who had scored sixteen goals in the first five games as opposed to Southampton’s four goals in five games. On paper the game was one sided! Of course the game isn’t played on paper!

First Half Analysis

Jones closed down Long early on in the game to set the tone for the Red Devils. Followed by Rashford who led the first counter attack by United. Mkihitaryan had the first shot of the game for either side, only to be stopped by Forster. Young made his intentions clearly early on when he ventured forward and crossed the ball only to be thwarted by Redmond.

The Red Devils pushed high up the field to put pressure on Southampton.

Young continually worked hard in the defence; he prevented a Southampton raid forward.

On the twentieth minute Young had a beautiful cross on the left wing that resulted in a goal to Lukaku. Lukaku’s first effort was well saved by Forster only for the rebound to be tucked away for a goal to Lukaku.

Young then made an important clearance.

Rashford had a cracking free kick that flashed just wide.

The Red Devil’s good work rate was epitomised by Rashford who started another counter attack.

Half Time Analysis– The Red Devils controlled most of the game, but Southampton fought hard to stay in the match, at least on scoreboard.

Second Half Analysis

Young stopped Tadic raid forward that brought about a corner for the Saints.

Jones tackled Tadic that lead to a corner for the Saints. Romeu missed a chance from the resultant corner.

Rashford prevented an attack that brought about a corner for the Saints.

A Redmond cross was headed wide by Long.

Davis shot too high.

de Gea stopped a good cross from Redmond.

Valencia got issued with a yellow card, it was symptomatic of United predicament; they were hanging onto their one nil lead.

Smalling on for Mkhitaryan brought about a change in formation for the Red Devils to three at the back.

Romeu shot just wide.

Blind on for Rashford indicative of the Red Devils defensive mindset in the second half.

Mourinho was sent to the stands in the ninety fourth minute. This showed the pressure that the Red Devils were under by the Saints in the second half.

Forster going forward for the final corner of the game, indicated the attacking mindset of the Saints in the second half, but the Red Devils somehow survived.

Full Time Analysis– The Saints threw the kitchen sink at the Red Devils in the second half. However, the final score told a different story, with the Red Devils limping to victory.

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