Crows Crunch Cats

Crows v Cats Review (Crows Cruise to sixty one point win)

The Crows played at a high intensity from the moment the first ball was bounced. Their pressure was extraordinary. It wasn’t physical pressure on the man, but fierce pressure directed at the ball. It was legitimate attack on the ball. It was tough and tight in the middle of the ground. Furious good old tackling and body work. The Cats were under siege after goals to Cameron and Betts.Lynch and Betts both managed two goals for the quarter. The game was practically over on the scoreboard with the deficit thirty-one points in favour of the Crows.

Seedsman kicked two goals in a row in the second quarter to put salt into the wound for the Cats. Cameron bombed a ball from outside sixty metres to kick his second for the game. Motlop managed to kick the ball to Duncan who kicked a good goal. Cats were endeavouring to gain the ascendancy in the contest, but the Crows were proving to be too good in the heat of battle. Duncan missed a goal, followed by misses to Stanley, Kolodjasnij and Joel Selwood. Motlop made an exquisite kick to Parfitt who kicked it onto Dangerfield who kicked his second. Sloane gave away free kick for high conduct, followed by a goal to Joel Selwood. The Cats slowly began to gain some of the ascendancy back.

Lang kicked a clever snap that resulted in a goal and arrested a bit of the momentum back. All of those goals for the Cats for effectively nothing! Cameron kicked his third goal for the game. Sloane intercepted a kick out from the Cats, that resulted in a goal for Matt Crouch. The game was practically over at three quarter time with the Crows leading by thirty-five points.

The fourth quarter began with Jenkins kicking the goal off the ground. Henderson kicked a skillful goal in the forward pocket, but I don’t know why he didn’t have any time in the forward line. Walker nailed two goals in the last quarter. Jenkins managed four goals whilst Cameron nailed five goals. The game was one sided throughout the duration of the four quarters. The Crows deserved to book a place in the ‘big dance.’



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