Sky Blues Crush City

Sydney FC v Melbourne City

* key minutes in the game

3- Mierzejewski with a superb cross, but no one on the end of it.

6- Ninkovic with an insightful ball to Adrian, who was fouled by La Rocca.

7- Buijs with an exquisite free kick. What a sublime goal!

11- Wilkinson cut out Fitzgerald, corner kick to Melbourne City.

20- A Zullo attack stopped by Muscat.

23- Mierzejewski to Bobo who kicked over the bar.

26- Mierzejewski with a magical cross that rickashayed into the lap of Galekovic.

35- Fitzgerald crossed the ball in, but too easy for Redmayne to gather a hold of.

38- La Rocca fouled Mierzejewski.

41- Kamau passed to Fitzgerald who blazed over the bar.

1/2  time review– Sydney FC with a dominant performance, but with only one reward for their classy work. They needed to be more efficient in the final third.

45- Cahill on for Fitzgerald

50- Kamau to Jamieson who blasted over the bar.

51- Mierzejewski to Brosque who chipped the ball pinpoint over Galekovic. Accurately finished by the Sky Blues veteran.

52- Kilkenny with a yellow card.

53- Oneil fouled Kamau.

54- Wilkshire fouled Mauk.

58- La Rocca with a yellow card for a foul on Mierzejewski. Brosque retaliated having knocked La Rocca over. Brosque with an unnecessary yellow card.

60- Great pass by O’Neill initially to Zullo, who was then fouled by Muscat.

62- Carrusca on for Kilkenny.

67- Mierzejewski kicked the ball over the bar.

68- Kamau won a corner. Carrusca with a dangerous cross from the resultant corner, to no avail, because there was no finished product.

73- Kamau drew a foul off Zullo.

75- O’Neill fouled Carrusca.

76- Retre for Zullo.

81- Brattan on for La Rocca.

82- Carney with a sloppy finish.

87- Great save by Redmayne off Kamau.

89- Simon on for Mierzejewski.

90+3- Retre won corner off Schenkeveld. O’Neill with an intelligent ball from the resultant corner, only for Bobo to foul Jakobsen.

90+6- Carrusca with another piece of brilliance with an accurate cross, however, Redmayne confidently punched the ball away.

Full Time Review– A magnificent performance for Sydney FC. They dominated the game from start to finish. A comprehensive victory not fully reflected on the scoreboard.

For City, they looked more dangerous when Carrusca and Brattan came on.

Both teams have some improvements to make before the start of the A-League Season. A thoroughly entertaining affair between two title aspirants.

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