Iker Casillas- Former Footballer

Iker Casillas- Former Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Ilker Casillas was born in Spain on May 20th, 1981.
  • He was a goalkeeper.
  • Having played for Real Madrid and Porto is pretty impressive.
  • Having represented Spain at seven age levels, which is remarkable.
  • The decision to retire was made by him on August 4th, 2020.
  • “Beyond remembering me as a good goalkeeper or a bad goalkeeper, I just hope that people remember me for being a good person.”- Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas- Former Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I think I’m very calm in adversity, always remaining calm, and I don’t panic. I think that’s the main thing.”- Iker Casillas
  • “Playing in a competition like the Champions League is important for a player; it makes you feel much more of a professional in this sport.”- Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas- Former Footballer (What set him apart)

  • “For goalkeepers, confidence comes from games and minutes. So whenever someone gives you an opportunity or shows faith in you, it always gives you a boost.”- Iker Casillas
  • “Playing so many important games in a prestigious competition like the Champions League, I have experience to call upon, and I’m thankful for that. I hope the other players can feel more confident because of that.”- Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas- Former Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “To be the best in tournament like the World Cup is a success for me personally.”- Iker Casillas
  • “I’m quite nostalgic. I like looking back over the papers and watching videos.”- Iker Casillas
  • “If I look back, I can feel proud of the things I’ve won in the games, of everything I have achieved. I would like to say thank you to the fans.”- Iker Casillas
  • “I want to thank the people who have always supported me, my parents, my brother.”- Iker Casillas

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