Dale Steyn- Former Cricketer

Dale Steyn- Former Cricketer (In a Nutshell)

  • Dale Steyn was born in South Africa on June 27th, 1983.
  • He was a Right-arm fast bowler.
  • Remarkably, he took 5 wickets in an innings on 26 occasions in Test match cricket, in 93 Test matches.
  • Impressively, he has played for 17 Domestic teams, most notably; Essex, Watwickshie, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrise Hyderabad, Glamorgan, Hampshire and Melbourne Stars.
  • He retired from cricket in August, 2021.
  • “When you are in the company of greatness, there is only one thing to do: to raise your game.”- Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn- Former Cricketer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I very rarely get to enjoy doing nothing.”- Dale Steyn
  • “In my opinion Test cricket is the best version of this game. It tests you mentally, physically, emotionally.”- Dale Steyn
  • “There have been a few times when I wondered if I was ever going to take a wicket, but you never give up.”- Dale Steyn
  • “I enjoy taking wickets more than most people can understand. I’m addicted to the feeling.”- Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn- Former Cricketer (What set him apart)

  • “When you don’t have sport, it’s like, oh, what do we fall back onto? And I think Nelson Mandela was the first person to really say that: sport unites people in a way that nothing else does. And if you take sport away, then I don’t know really what we have.”- Dale Steyn
  • “I never want to restrict myself and say I’m at my ultimate peak, I’m always looking to take myself to a higher level.”- Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn- Former Cricketer (Final Thoughts)

  • “AB de Villiers is probably my favourite cricketer, he is an incredible batter and a good friend.”- Dale Steyn
  • “It’s enough to play for South Africa and take wickets for South Africa, and then I managed to get 400. I never thought that that would happen.”- Dale Steyn
  • “I have never been a stats person.”- Dale Steyn

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