What makes Football the way it is

What makes Football the way it is (In a Nutshell)

  • It’s a sport that brings people together.
  • “It’s like everything in football – and life. You need to look, you need to think, you need to move, you need to find space, you need to help others. It’s very simple in the end.”- Johan Cruyff (Dutch- Former Footballer)
  • “Football is about sacrifice, dedication, a lot of work, and friendship off the pitch.”- Edinson Cavani (Uruguayan- Footballer)

What makes Football the way it is (Nitty Gritty)

  • “For me football is more than a sport, just look at the impact it has on society.”- Kylian Mbappe (French- Footballer)
  • “In football, I have learned to forget the past, think about the present, and the future will come as it may – thinking about it would be a mistake.”- (Gerard Deulofeu – Spanish- Footballer)
  • “The emotion to handle the pressure is one of the biggest challenges in football – it’s the top challenge.”- Jurgen Klopp (German- Football Coach)

What makes Football the way it is (Different Perspectives)

 What makes Football the way it is (Final Thoughts)

  • “We all started playing football against our best friends, and I can’t remember a moment where, because it was my best friend, I did not want to win against him.”- Jurgen Klopp
  • “Personally, I love training, and getting paid to play football is incredible. Playing the game and working hard is what I have always dreamed of doing.”- Harry Kane (English- Footballer)
  • The Premier League is arguably the best league in the world.


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