Traits an AFL Team should Possess in order to be Successful!


  • This is a pivotal trait for an AFL team to have in order to be successful.
  • There’s no doubt that during the uncertainty of Covid it’s essential to possess this trait.
  • Everyone must have the capability to adjust.
  • Players must have the ability to play different roles.


  • Must have the capability of dealing with adversity.
  • Never give up.
  • Continually evolve.
  • Have a group of players that display resolve.

“Enthusiastic Courage”

  • You must have a policy that the team should attack the ball.
  • It’s obvious that if your team has a high intensity in tough times then they should succeed.

“Improvised System”

  • The manner in which a team is coached must mean that they can change their structure.
  • Without having to be taught to change a team must be adaptable.
  • It’s a must that players must be trained to deal with varying scores in games.
  • Take risks when appropriate and play methodically when suitable.

“In the Moment”

  • Completely focused on the job at hand.
  • Move on from the past and not look far ahead.
  • In order to be completely invested in a given situation it’s essential that you don’t deviate from the given contest.

 “Reinvigorated Structure”

  • Picking players that play different roles are essential in order for a team to avoid being too predictable.
  • It helps to make a complex idea simple and second nature.


  • A team must continually endeavour to be different from the norm.
  • The game plan a team implements must be adaptable.
  • There’s no disputing if something is unique it’s difficult for the opposition to study.

“Unplanned Hope”

  • It’s indisputable that players must never lose trust in their teammates.
  • A team needs to be fulfilled and not lose faith in the game plan.



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