AFL All Australian Team (Players not playing Finals in Season 2020)

AFL All Australian Team (Players not playing Finals in Season 2020- In a Nutshell)

The team that has been chosen consists of players that have played for teams outside of the top eight in AFL Season 2020 that would make up an All Australian team adjudged solely from those ten teams that missed out on finals.

Nine of the 22 players that made the team were selected in the All-Australian squad of 40: Jordan Ridley, Nat Fyfe, Luke Ryan, Matt Taberner, Nick Haynes, Jack Gunston, Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca and Tom Papley.

Co-Captains: Nat Fyfe, Sam Walsh

Find out who made the team! – Who Wins?

B: Jordan Ridley (Essendon), Sam Collins (Gold Coast), Jordan Dawson (Sydney Swans)
HB: Lachie Whitfield (Giants), Luke Ryan (Fremantle), Nick Haynes (Giants)
C: Sam Walsh (Carlton- Co-Captain), Zach Merrett (Essendon), Ed Langdon (Melbourne Demons)
HF: Nat Fyfe (Fremantle- Co-Captain), Matt Taberner (Fremantle), Shaun Higgins (North Melbourne)
FF: Tom Papley (Sydney Swans), Harry McKay (Carlton), Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)
Foll: Reilly O’Brien (Adelaide Crows), Christian Petracca (Melbourne Demons), Clayton Oliver (Melbourne Demons)
Int: Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn), Rory Laird (Adelaide Crows), Luke Parker (Sydney Swans), Adam Saad (Essendon)


Jordan Ridley won the best and fairest for Essendon in Season 2020.
Sam Collins won the best and fairest for Gold Coast in Season 2020.
Jordan Dawson had a good Season; he is extremely talented and versatile.
Lachie Whitfield was the best half back flanker in the AFL, that was also capable of playing on the wing as well.
Luke Ryan was the best centre half back in the competition in Season 2020.
Nick Haynes was a player that showed he had the capability to take intercept marks in Season 2020.


Sam Walsh played on the wing, but also has the ability to play in the middle of the ground. He leads by example.
Zach Merrett finished second in Essendon’s Season 2020 best and fairest. He was extremely consistent.
Ed Langdon played every game for the Melbourne Demons finishing fourth in the Melbourne Demons best and fairest for Season 2020, ahead of Clayton Oliver and Max Gawn!


Nat Fyfe was an elite player of the competition and showed why in Season 2020. He also happened to be a great leader. He played a lot of his footy in the forward line in Season 2020.
Matt Taberner was arguably Fremantle’s most important player in Season 2020.
Shaun Higgins was probably North Melbourne’s best player in Season 2020.
Tom Papley should have been in the All Australian 22 players that were chosen.
Harry McKay proved to be one of Carlton’s most important players.
Jack Gunston was a mobile forward that showed he is a quality forward in Season 2020. He showed his class in Round 18 in a game where he kicked four goals. He was a thorough professional in the manner in which he played.


Reilly O’Brien won the Adelaide Crows best and fairest in Season 2020 and he was probably the Adelaide Crows most important player in Season 2020.
Christian Petracca won the Melbourne Demons best and fairest in Season 2020 and was also selected in the All Australian team.
Clayton Oliver was extremely consistent winning plenty of the ball.


Tom Mitchell was a pivotal part of Hawthorn’s midfield in Season 2020.
Rory Laird nearly won the Adelaide Crows best and fairest in Season 2020.
Luke Parker was an important part of the Sydney Swans team in Season 2020.
Adam Saad was third in the Essendon best and fairest providing plenty of run out of defence in Season 2020.

Team by Team

Adelaide Crows: Matt Crouch, Rory Laird, Reilly O’Brien (3)
Carlton: Harry McKay, Sam Walsh (2)
Essendon: Zach Merrett, Jordan Ridley, Adam Saad (3)
Fremantle: Nat Fyfe, Luke Ryan (2)
Gold Coast: Sam Collins (1)
Greater Western Sydney: Nick Haynes, Lachie Whitfield (2)
Hawthorn: Jack Gunston Tom Mitchell (2)
Melbourne Demons: Ed Langdon Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca (3)
North Melbourne: Shaun Higgins (1)
Sydney Swans: Jordan Dawson, Luke Parker, Tom Papley (3)

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